Planning for reopening

As you may have seen on the BBC website ( or read in the national press the R&A, PGA, England Golf, BIGGA and the Golf Club Managers Association have been working together with the Government to plan for the reopening of golf courses as soon as possible. It is likely, though not yet confirmed, that this may happen in the first phase of the relaxation of lockdown rules, which may be in the next couple of weeks.
When clubs are allowed to reopen there will be some Government guidelines and restrictions that all golf clubs will be required to adhere to which will include enforcing what the government are telling the public to do for general public safety. The main guidelines will be social distancing and no social gatherings. We all have a responsibility for this and all need to heed the advice.
We are sure you are all eager to be back playing golf after this period of enforced lockdown. However, when we are able to re-open the golf course it will initially only be to provide members with the opportunity to play some social golf. It is hoped that we will be able to start the Sunday Club Competitions within a couple of weeks of reopening. Decisions about other competitions will be taken at a later date.
No visitors or guests will be allowed to play the course.
The safety of our members and staff is our priority therefore it is essential that, as the government relaxes the lockdown restrictions, all members adhere to the government advice and policy, particularly on social distancing and self-isolation, so as not to put themselves and others at risk. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to play golf.
The following guidance explains how the club will operate in the first phase of reopening. The guidance will be reviewed and updated as we receive more information from the national golfing bodies and the government and as we understand how the guidance works in practice when members come and play the course. If you have any questions or want any further information please speak to one of the Directors or to our Professional. Please, for the benefit of everyone, follow the guidance to avoid any issues during the phases of reopening.
We all look forward to seeing you back at the club playing the course soon. Sadly, we will not have the opportunity to socialise with each other, either before or after playing golf, as the restrictions which remain in place will include continuing ban on social gatherings.
The Directors, The President, The Captain, The Club Professional

As the bar and kitchen will have to remain closed under the current government restrictions the clubhouse and balcony will remain closed to maintain social distancing. The feasibility of offering a take away service from the halfway house on a Sunday when we restart competitions is being investigated.
Consequently, the following apply:
• Access to the toilets in the men’s and lady’s locker room areas will be allowed.
• The doors on the route to the men’s toilets will be kept open to avoid contact with the door handles.
• The doors on the route to the lady’s toilets will be kept open kept open to avoid contact with the handles, apart from the outside door which will be kept closed for security reasons. Ladies, you are asked to wear gloves when using the keypad and opening the door. Also please wipe the outside door handles and keypad with the wipes provided.
• The office will be closed to members.

The safe use of the Professional’s shop is a priority to protect Jamie and our members.
Consequently, the following operational conditions will apply
• Only ONE person will be allowed in the shop at any one time.
• Members entering the shop must use the hand sanitiser and wipes provided.
• As far as possible all payments should be made contactless, by Apple Pay or by card.
• A clearly defined queuing area will be set up outside the shop to ensure members adhere to social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres while waiting to enter the shop.
• The shop door will remain open to avoid contact with the handles by members and make it to easier see if there is anyone in the shop.
• Jamie will wipe down rental trolleys before and after each use.
• Jamie will not be providing any coaching lessons.

During the lockdown period Scott, our Head Greenkeeper, has been working extremely hard to do as much maintenance as possible on the course and to keep the fairways, greens and tees in the best condition ready for reopening. During this time Peter, our assistant greenkeeper, has been on Furlough Leave. The employment of an apprentice greenkeeper to replace Phil, who has decided not to continue working for us, has been put on hold until later in the year. As a result of this it may be that there are some areas of the course not quite as well prepared as members may expect at this time of the year.
Please help to maintain the course by replacing all divots, repairing all pitch marks and not leaving any litter on the course. Also, the following conditions will apply:
• The swing room will remain closed.
• The flags on the practice putting green will be removed.
• ‘Pye’ will be closed for both play and practice. DO NOT play ‘Pye’
• Members are asked not to use the nets for practice or to warm up.
• Bunker rakes have been removed. The greens staff will rake the bunkers each morning.
• The hole cups on the practice putting green are to be reversed to stop the ball dropping.
• The hole cups on the greens will have foam inserts to stop the ball dropping too far down.
• The litter bin on the first tee is not to be used.
• The balls washers on the first and fifth tees are not to be used.
• The shoe cleaning air line is not to be used.

• Members will be required to book a tee time using the ‘Casual Tee Sheet’ which will be available on line for each day. You will be able to book up to two weeks in advance. Tee times can be booked using the Club v1 Members app or by contacting either the Club Professional or the Secretary.
Club Professional : Call 07377 530322 or 0161 368 2503 option 2 or email
Secretary : Call 07964 546038 or email
• Tee times will be at Twelve-minute intervals to help maintain social distancing between a group playing the twelfth hole and a group playing the first hole.
• Each tee time on the booking sheet will allow up to four players. However, we encourage you to play in groups of two or three if possible, which will to help maintain social distancing, particularly on the tees and on the greens.
• Do not arrive at the club more than 20 minutes before your tee time.
• On their first visit members will be allowed access to the trolley store and locker room to collect their trolley, clubs, shoes and other items. You are asked to make sure that there is only a maximum of TWO people in the locker room at any time. Please take you clubs and trolley etc. home with you after you have played.
• On subsequent visits to play golf please change your shoes in the car park.
• The rule about changing you shoes in the car park has been suspended.
• Access to the clubhouse will be only be via the locker room doors for the use of the toilets.
• Only ONE person and ONE golf bag per buggy will be allowed. Jamie will sanitize each buggy before and after each use.
• If you go in a bunker please try as best you can to level the sand with your feet. A temporary rule ‘lift and place’ in bunkers is in force.
• Members must ring the bells on the second and seventh holes by tapping with the end of a club.
• Members must not remove flags from the holes and use their gloved hand to pick up their ball from the hole. The hole cups will have foam inserts to stop the ball dropping down too far.
• Members are asked to leave the club within 15 minutes of finishing their game.

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